Group Clinics

Group clinics are held monthly at Morland House Surgery. In a clinic you spend more time with your GP and gain a one to one review on your symptoms. There is also the opportunity to discuss and learn from other people’s experiences who may be in a similar position to you.

Group clinics we currently provide include:

  • Menopause

At your group clinic you get the clinical review and support you need. You get answers to your specific questions and there is group discussion about health issues too. Your clinic lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. There are usually 8-10 people in a group.

  • We start the session by reminding everyone in the group to keep information confidential and to follow some simple group rules or understandings that help you to get the most out of the clinic and your time with your clinician.
  • Each member of the group introduces themselves. There is time to review and understand your condition and your main concerns about it.
  • Then you come up with questions for your GP who joins the group after about 15 minutes. When the GP joins, they discuss and answer common questions with the group. Each individual will have the opportunity to speak to the doctor in turn while the rest of the group benefit from hearing the consultation.
  • If required, a short one-to-one private consultation can take place with the GP. If appropriate medications can be prescribed.
  • The facilitator will close the session after 60-90 minutes and you get the chance to reflect on what you have learnt and what you want to do next to keep well.

People tell us that group clinics can help them to feel more confident to manage their health, allow more time to talk about what matters and find out more about their condition.

We have had some very positive feedback so far!

On a survey conducted at the end of clinics, we ask 5 questions scoring from 1-10, 1 being very poor, 10 being excellent and received majority 10/10 across the board. Comments all emphasised how useful the information was, the extended time spent with the GP and how they were inspired to make certain lifestyle changes going forward.

These include:

“I have found the group really helpful and would definitely recommend it to anyone else in the Wheatley area”

“Thank you for organising this clinic. It is most useful and great to know there is help and care if needed.”

“Thank you for organising this-very helpful and informative”

We understand group clinics might not suit everyone, however with such positive feedback, we hope you will be willing to give it a go. There is no pressure. It is OK to join a group to just listen. You will still learn a lot and many people who do this end up joining in once they feel comfortable. Remember that the people in your group are going through the same thing and experiencing the same issues as you. At any point if you wish to leave a group, you can do.

If a group clinic is of interest, please contact reception at Morland House Surgery on 01865 872448.