Family Planning Clinic

Who is the clinic for?

For all patients registered with Morland House Surgery.

What is the purpose of the clinic?

To provide advice and information on all aspects of family planning.

What are the clinic opening times?

No scheduled clinic is operated at Morland House surgery. Most of our doctors and nurses offer advice on Family Planning. Everything you discuss is completely confidential. This means that any information you give will not be shared without your permission.

Appointments should be made with one of the doctors in the first instance and then follow up appointments can be with one of our practice nurses.

How do I contact the clinic?

Appointments should be made by contacting the surgery reception on 01865 872448.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide me with emergency contraception?

Yes. If you have had sexual intercourse without protection or think your method might have failed, make an appointment with a GP. The ‘Morning after Pill’ can be taken up to 3 days (72 hours) after sexual intercourse.

Can the surgery provide me with the coil?

Not currently, so please contact the Oxfordshire Sexual Health clinic at the Churchill Hospital on 01865 231231, or visit:

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