Pregnancy Care Clinic

The role of the midwife

A midwife is a qualified nurse who has undertaken further training to provide and promote normal midwifery.

They help you to prepare for motherhood and promote good health for yourself and your baby by advising on the effects of drinking, smoking and a good diet whilst you are pregnant.

The midwife guides you through your pregnancy and endeavours to detect any problems and make relevant referrals, if necessary.

Antenatal Clinic

Our antenatal clinic is run by our midwives, Sarah Sobo and Susan Thomson, for all pregnant mothers who are registered with Morland House Surgery.

The antenatal clinics are on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. The first booking appointment should be made between 8-10 weeks gestation – this appointment will take approximately 1 hour. Any further follow up appointments will take 20 minutes. You can make all appointments via reception at the surgery. 

The midwives work alongside the doctors in the practice and are based at the Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) at Wallingford Community Hospital.

Should you need to contact Sarah or Jade for something non-urgent, you should call Wallingford MLU on 01491 826037.

Antenatal Care

There are two types of antenatal care:

Midwifery Care

This type of care means that your midwife and the GP will provide your care throughout your pregnancy. Should you develop any complications during your pregnancy, your midwife will refer you appropriately.

Consultant Care

This type of care means you will be cared for by your midwife, GP and a Consultant Obstetrician at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Intrapartum (Labour) Care

There are 3 options for where you can birth your baby.


Home. If you decide on birthing at home your midwife or one of her colleagues will attend your birth.


Midwifery Led Unit (MLU). You may decide to birth your baby in a MLU. There are 4 MLUs in Oxfordshire. Your catchment MLU is Wallingford St George’s Ward. There are also MLUs in Wantage, Chipping Norton and Oxford.

For further information on St George’s Ward MLU in Wallingford please click on button below


Consultant Led Unit – you may decide to birth your baby at the John Radcliffe Delivery Suite. This unit is for women who are under consultant care, although low risk women are welcome.

Postnatal Care

Your midwife will care for you and your baby from birth until they discharge you from midwifery care which can be anything from 9 to 28 days postnatal. When you are discharged, the Health Visitor will be in touch to arrange your initial home visit. The Health Visitor will support you with your baby’s development (including feeding issues) and general wellbeing of you and your baby.

The GP will carry out a 6 week postnatal check. You should make this appointment via reception at the surgery.