Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Service provides ambulances to patients who need support to reach their healthcare appointment, or for their admission to and discharge from hospital, due to their medical/clinical needs.

These transport services are:

Ambulance Transport

To check if you are entitled to this service or for more information please contact:

The Patient Advice and Liaison Office (PALS) on 01865 221473


Wheatley Care Scheme

This is a voluntary service available to people living in Wheatley. They provide pre-bookable transport to Medical appointments for residents of Wheatley, Littleworth & Holton. Wheatley Care was founded in 1981 by Lesley Thomas, a social worker, and Mary Stone, a retired nurse. They recognised a need to provide transport for all adult residents who required transport to the GP surgery, hospital, or other medical appointments such as dentist or optician.

How Does it Work?

The co-ordinator holds a list of volunteer drivers. When she receives a request from someone needing transport, she phones around to find a volunteer driver able to undertake this journey. She gives the driver the client’s name and phone number. The driver then contacts the client to confirm arrangements.

So, if you need someone to take you to a medical appointment, please telephone the co-ordinator Kath Lamont or a team member on:

07505 543750 (preferably weekdays between 9am– 8pm)

How is This Financed?

Volunteer drivers currently receive a petrol allowance of 45p per mile, and clients usually contribute to this cost. The chair person and the co-ordinator also have their telephone and other expenses paid from volunteers’ donations. 

Costs for some journeys (round trip): 

Morland House Surgery£1.40
John Radcliffe£6.70
Nuffield Orthopaedic£5.00
Manor Hospital£4.00
East Oxford H. C.£6.40
Raglan House £6.00
Bury Knowle Dentist £4.00
Abingdon Hospital £13.00
Wallingford £14.00

Could you Help?

 Volunteer drivers are always needed. 

If you would be prepared to do some driving for Wheatley Care, the co-ordinator would be very pleased to hear from you. Please note that you must never feel obliged to do any particular journey; if you are busy, please say so. 

Volunteers are asked to submit a record of the trips they have done and the donations received from clients every three months. Any deficit is made up by Wheatley Care. 

To print a leaflet about this service please click on the button below.