Healthier Together App

Healthier Together is a free website and app developed by local healthcare professionals.

It can be extremely stressful when your child is unwell. We know that there is a huge amount of information available at your fingertips, but finding something that provides clear and accurate information is not always easy!

You can confidently signpost to our information on common childhood illnesses and where to go for help, whether a child should go to nursery or school if unwell and for general advice on keeping their children safe and healthy.

The resources on the Healthier Together have been developed in partnership between parents and NHS healthcare professionals. You’ll find clear information on common childhood illnesses, including advice on what ‘red-flag’ signs to look out for, where to seek help if required, what you should do to keep your child comfortable and how long your child’s symptoms are likely to last.

The NHS Healthier Together app has been designed to allow you to access care for your child much more easily. Lots of other parents have already downloaded it and have found it extremely useful.

Please follow the link below to download the app for free now.