Who Do I Need to See?

We want to help all of our patients get the best medical assistance as quickly as possible, whether it’s for illness, injury, or a long term condition. Going directly to the right person can help you to a speedier recovery, and ensure all NHS services are run as efficiently as possible.

Often, you won’t even need to speak to a GP, meaning these consultations can be reserved for those who really need them, and you can get advice and treatment more quickly.

Have you considered speaking to a pharmacist about your rash, headache or injury?

Did you know you can self-refer to NHS services such as physiotherapy, smoking cessation and Talking Space?

Have a look at the Symptom Checker for self-care advice for your ailment.

For detailed information on whom the best clinician for you to see is, click here. You will find information on numerous services, including: Pharmacists, Dentists, Opticians, Nurses, Out of Hours, Accident and Emergency, Minor Injuries, Self-Help, and Health & Wellbeing, amongst others.

We also run an e-consult service, which provides you with comprehensive information, advice and direction, depending on your query. You can consult online here.

Please help us to help you, and ensure all of our patients can see the right healthcare practitioner as soon as possible. If you have any queries about who the best person for you to see is, our reception team will be more than happy to help – just ring them on 01865 872448.